Deborah Kiva Images Biography On Display Gallery Deborah is a self-taught visual artist from Montreal who enjoys painting portraits, animals, landscapes, and as well, still life. She has developed the interesting technique of using her fingertips to cover large areas of the canvas, while still working with the smallest of brushes to paint fine detail.

What she used to call her "finger-painting" is actually a technique called Sfumato, one of the canonical painting modes of the renaissance (deriving from the italian verb fumare, "to smoke"). The finished product appears as though a veil of smoke had drifted between the subject of the painting and the viewer. Her process of staining the canvas with thin layers of various oil paint hues, gives the work this foggy effect.

Deborah has been painting for many years and sells both originals and reproductions of her work. Deborah has donated 25 framed reproductions to various hospitals, including the Montreal Children's Hospital, the Mount Sinai Hospital and the Jewish General Hospital.
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